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Random Śloka:
  •  "Then Lord Shiva gave MahaLakshmi a spear; Lord Krsna disc and Varuna conch and noose" SP Uma Samhita 46.21
  •  "There is no limit to benefits acquired by one who meditates on the lord with faith even for a moment" SP Vayaviya Samhita 39.27
  •  "The benefits derived from Pranayama are Santi, Prasanti, Dipti and Prasada" SP Vayaviya Samhita 39.10
  •  "A person who is tired of meditation should start japa; person who is tired with japa should start meditation" SP Vayaviya Samhita 37.59

Arno Müller

 Arno Müller


Anna Lindh

Anna Lindh


Robin Williams dies on 11th August 2014

 Oscar winning comedian Robin Williams died on suspected suicide on 11th August of 2014. 


Jack Fertig - An Astrologer

 Jack Fertig - An Astrologer  


Analysing progeny in Vedic Astrology - Seminar [12.06.12]

 Analysing progeny in Vedic Astrology - Seminar [12.06.12]

Pdf document (free) with audio seminars (2h30min) from Berlin direct course -  available for download. 



Rāśi Lordship in Varga


Salvador Dali - Analiza horoskopu

 Salvador Dali - Analiza horoskopu 



Traditional Chart Rectification Example

Rectification (naśta jataka) is the proccess of setting the proper birthtime based on the past events seen in the astrological chart of the person. The following rectification will be based on the analysis of varga charts (divisional charts) which are unique pearls of Vedic Astrology, not found in any other system.



Badhaka sthana

Analysis of formation, effect and remedies of Praśna Marga / BPHS concept of Badhaka sthana in Vedic Astrology.


Journey through charts

 Few examples of chart reading of celebrities based on the traditional Vedic Astrology from Odiya Tradtion.   Usage of Parasara and Jaimini tools as given in the tradition. One example per day in one month period starting from relationships . Only AA charts are given (birthtime based on the birth certificate). Various dasas examples will be shown and its impact on the lives of the people. May this work help astrologers to guide people in their needs. Klim Datta Guru.



Bhava, Bhaveśa, Karaka (YouTube)

 Bhava, Bhaveśa, Karaka (YouTube)


Destined to be Journalist - 3 new YouTube tutorials!

 You must watch it!



Medical Astrology - Brain Tumor

Brain Tumor:

Brain Tumor. 6th lord connected to Hari bhava (1st, 8th, 10th) and in Mesa (Aries) or Meśa Amsa (Navamsa of Aries)..



Free Will and Upachaya's

 One of my first articles from 2006. Topic: The place of free will in Astrology. Place: Serbia Conference / Novi Sad.



Maraka bhava - Mimi Farina

Timing of these kind of unfortunate occurences is assisted with the maraka concept which is the 2nd/7th house from particular house. These houses from Arudha (symbol: AL - see the 1st chart) also can be seen for longevity and fatal accidents. 



Appearance and Ascendent

 (170+ charts)...For example compare : Cancer ascendents of: Marylin Monroe with Venus on Arudha lagna, Stephen King with Surya and Budha (Sun and Mercury) on Arudhapada and Ali Muhammed with Mars and Śani on Arudha lagna....



From Nurse to Adult Movies actress

 Chart: Hartman Marie

Hartley, Nina Gender: F
Birthname Marie Louise Hartman
born on 11 March 1961 at 23:20 (= 11:20 PM )



Barbara Hutton - RohinaaBio

 Barbara Hutton - Astro Bio

 Her inheritance was estimated between $100 million and $500 million which she proceeded to spend with abandon.


Stock Trading Bussiness - Rise & Fall (astrological analysis of Mr. Frankel)

Mr. Frankel was convicted of looting insurance companies that he took over in Arkansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Missouri and Tennessee. He bought the insurance companies through...



Justine Henin - Rajabhanga and return!




Rajabhanga yoga means that the opportunity is no more enjoyed due to various reasons including own resignation (lagna), bad followers (5th) and lack of abilities (10th). More about this can be read from my article Raja-bhanga on this site.




 Rectification is the means to set the proper birthtime. In tradition called Naśta Jataka; Prognostication of Jyotisha depends on the proper birthtime so it becomes of utmost importance to learn this method. 




Rafal Gendarz
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