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Finding correct Upapada

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Upapada which is the Arudha of the 12th house shows Vivaha, whilst Darapada shows Maithunya or affair. Our predictions related to marriage or partnership will be accurate only when we find the proper Upapada which is the marriage point of the chart.



Finding correct Upapada (marriage/partnership place in the chart)

   Upapada which is the Arudha of the 12th house shows Vivaha, whilst Darapada shows Maithunya or affair.  Per Sri Krishna definition it should be of minimum of one year time to quallify for Upapada, otherwise there must be strong intention to marry that person. All other relations fit in the group of Darapada (A7).

   There can be many partnership or marriagies in one's life and all of them will be very unique in its nature so recognizing their's relation to particular Upapada in the astrological chart is neccessary for proper prediction. Its not possible to predict marriage time and partner's nature and characteristics without knowing the actual Upapada of the native.


Lagna of spouse and Upapada

   Lagna of partner will share the same tattva of the sign (trikona concept) which holds the Upapada or seventh from it, if stronger. Alternatively Lagna of spouse/partner can be lorded by planet in native's Upapada or be the same sign as lord of Upapada.

Bhavas from Upapada

Bhava and Lord

   Both bhava and Lord of Upapada shows circumstances at starting the relationship. Diptadi avastha of the lord will show financial status of the spouse's family.


Distance from Arudha Lagna

   Position of Upapada from Arudha lagna reflects balance or sambandha of karma, mindset, circumstances of partners which can lead to auspiciousness of marriage or otherwise. Upapada in dusthana or 2nd/12th from Arudhalagna usually shows weak sambandha and the outcome can manifest as quarrels, misunderstandings, hatred, lack of emotional bond and so on. Upapada in kendra/trikona from Arudha lagna shows mutual support and is one factor for the auspiciousness of marriage.


Distance from Lagnesh and Atmakaraka

Position of Upapada from Lagnesh and Atmakaraka will show native's intention  and approach towards particular relationship.


2nd house

   2nd house from Upapada will show ailings of spouse/partner. Nica graha in this placement will show weak dhatu related to planet involved. First, second and seventh bhavas shows health of the particular Arudha (refer to Yoga's given by Jaimini in his Upadesa for more information).

















Skin/Cause of immunity






Virility, Semen






   As 2nd house shows also sustanence of marriage, external factors leading to break of the marriage will be deducted from analysis of these planets (and lord of 2nd house) in Rasi and Navamsa. If 2nd lord from Upapada is badly placed in Navamsa then particular relationship will not lead to stable vivaha and remedies are required.


3rd house and 11th house

   From these bhavas we can read all informations about siblings of the native. Drsti of Shukra, Shani+Rahu or signs lorded by those planet in 3rd or 11th will show no sibling (younger - 3rd; elder - 11th). Influences on the lord of these bhavas will show their sex and number (refer to COVA).


3rd house and 6th house

   Just like 3rd and 6th from Arudha lagna shows marga of the native, the same counted from Upapada will show bhoga or moksa direction and state of intelligence, feelings and actions. Strong benefics will push the partner towards spirituality.


4th house and 10th house

   Forth shows organization and tenth house shows reputation from work related to entity indicated by Arudha. If forth house  from particular Upapada is influenced by Budha or Guru then its strong chance that partner belongs to spiritual group.


Seventh house

   Seventh house from Arudha is called dvara. For Upapada this will related to people involved in the marriage through help (strong or auspicious planets) or obstacle (weak/afflicted planets). Their relation to the native can be read from theirs naisargika karaka (Shukra will show spouse or lover; Mars and Shani younger and elder brother respectively and so on).

Ninth house

   Ninth house from Upapada shows dharma of the marriage in the form of progeny. Planets in that bhava gives general indication of number (refer to Brhat Parasara Hora Śastra) and particular children from the relation should be analyzed by refering to ninth lord from Upapada and its influence by yuti and rasi drsti.


Twelfth house

   Similarly to seventh house twelfth will show enemies of the marriage. If Moon is placed in 12th from Upapada then mother can act against the marriage.


Navamsa - Vivaha bhava.

Seventh house is Navamsa  besides our sexuality and type of vivaha desribes our first serious partnership with the intention of Vivaha (marriage). Eigth from the seventh house  (ie. 2nd house) will show 2nd partner and so on. Complexion of skin and physcial characteristics can be read from Vivaha bhava in Navamsa.


   Tenth house from vivaha bhava will show partner's occupation, while trikona reflects abilities of spouse. Strongest planet influencing vivaha bhava shows type of marriage and intention (refer to Manu Smrti and Garuda Purana for eight types of marriage). Lord of Vivaha bhava will show impact of the marriage on other areas of native. Influence of Shukra and its contribution seen by distance and drsti will indicate level of emotions involved in the relationship.


   After analyzing characteristics and circumstances,  grahas lording Dasa at the time of meeting spouse should be strongly connected to trikona from Vivaha-bhava or having unobstructed argala on the vivaha-lord (this is specific for Antardasa level).


   After arriving at proper Vivaha bhava we can refer this to Upapada. Seventh house in Navamsa will show 1st Upapada, 2nd house (8th from the seventh) in Navamsa will show 2nd Upapada and so on.


   Actual or future (if one is not engaged) Upapada will be strongly related to Rasi-Upapada of Praśna chart.

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