Greetings! Are you interested in receiving a personalized chart reading based on the principles of traditional Vedic Astrology?

My next available consultation is in the beg-June 2023 and I would be delighted to assist you on your astrological journey!

What will I get in the reading?

A chart reading has the potential to bring transformative changes to your life. By examining the individual positions of the planets in your horoscope, our reading will provide you with insightful predictions and forecasts for all the important aspects of your life.

We focus on uncovering your strengths and overcoming challenges by conducting a thorough analysis of the planets in your chart. You’ll receive guidance on the most problematic planetary combinations and practical tools in the form of tips and mantras to help you navigate through life with greater ease. Empower yourself today with the knowledge of your astrological journey.

Why Vedic Astrology?

Vedic Astrology is known for its unparalleled accuracy, owing to the utilization of not just one main chart, but a total of sixteen supplementary charts that provide a deeper understanding of a person’s life. This comprehensive approach offers a more in-depth and nuanced view, allowing for a highly precise reading.

Why this astrologer?

The essence of tradition is what sets me apart as an astrologer. I have had the privilege of completing two prestigious courses at the Sri Jagannath Center parampara: the Parashara Hora Shastra taught by Sanjay Rath and the Jaimini Upadesa Sutra by Visti Larsen. This solid foundation enables me to support individuals in finding their path and making crucial decisions. Additionally, I have also completed a three-year program in Mantra Shastra, further enhancing my ability to serve and guide those seeking astrological guidance.

Any specific examples?

With the use of dashas, a highly effective forecasting system, you can gain a clearer understanding of the timing of important life events such as marriage, career transitions, health challenges, financial performance, expenditures, investments, real estate changes, job opportunities, salary increases, changes of residence, and much more. Get a comprehensive picture of your future with this powerful astrological tool.

What tools are used in the reading?

In his astrological assessments and predictions, he utilizes a comprehensive array of essential tools from Indian Astrology, such as dasha, varga, arudha, varnada, gochara, nakshatra, visesa lagnas, and badhaka. This holistic approach ensures that every detail and aspect is taken into account for a thorough and accurate analysis.

Are the remedies offered?

I offer personalized traditional Vedic remedies, including mantras and gemstones, based on the specific positioning of the planets in your horoscope. Along with these, I also provide additional guidance on auspicious starting letters, colors, numbers, and directions, all tailored to your unique astrological profile. Allow me to assist you in maximizing your potential and overcoming challenges through these time-tested remedies.

How can I book the reading?

To schedule a reading, simply complete the required form and make your payment. Upon receipt of your information, I will provide you with a selection of dates for our Zoom consultation, and together we will find a time that works best for you.

Offer details:

I offer personalized consultations through Zoom, in three convenient time increments: 30 minutes, 60 minutes, and 90 minutes. The 30-minute session is typically reserved for a focused analysis of a single question, the 60-minute session provides in-depth analysis of a specific area, and the 90-minute session offers a comprehensive examination of your entire horoscope.

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