Hello, would you like to receive a personalised chart reading according to the rules of traditional Vedic Astrology?

Currently, the nearest date for consultations is – mid of October 2022

What will I get in the reading?

Experience of own chart reading is life-changing. You will receive predictions and forecasts for all important areas of life. The emphasis is on discovering strengths and challenges through a detailed analysis of the individual positions of the planets in the horoscope and providing directions, timing and remedies.
The most problematic combinations of planets are diagnosed, the client receives corrective tools in the form of practical tips and mantras.

Why Vedic Astrology?

Vedic astrology is very precise because apart from one main chart it has as many as sixteen additional charts that enable one to read a person’s life in greater detail.

Why this astrologer?

The tradition makes the difference. I have completed two of the most important courses in the Sri Jagannath Center parampara: the Parashara Hora Shastra course by Sanjay Rath and the Jaimini Upadesa Sutra by Visti Larsen. This allowed me to build a foundation to help people find their direction and assist in important decisions. I also completed the Manrta Shastra Year 1 course and am currently a graduate of the second part of the course led by Sanjay Rath.

Any specific examples?

Using dashas (forecasting system) you can pinpoint the period of marriage, career changes, health challenges, financial performance, expenses, investments, real estate changes, new jobs, raises, changes of residence and much more.

What tools are used in the reading?

In his astrological analyzes and forecasts, he uses all the essential tools of Indian astrology, such as: dasha, varga, arudha, varnada, gochara, nakshatra, visesa lagnas, badhaka.

Are the remedies offered?

I provide the traditional Vedic remedies in the form of mantras and gems according to the individual position of the planets in the horoscope. There are other types of advises like starting letters, colours, numbers, directions etc.

How can I book the reading?

To book a reading, please complete the form and transfer. After recieving those I’ll offer you few dates to choose for the Zoom meeting.

Offer details:

There are 30, 60 and 90 minutes sessions on Zoom. 30 minutes is usually for one question, 60 minutes for one area and 90 minutes for the full analysis.

More about the tradition:

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