Paula Broadwell- Astrobiography

  1. In the chart we have Node and Jupiter aspecting Lagna making person very intelligent, additionally Lagna lord is in 6th making person dhimanth – brilliant (infact the parivartana with Ketu). Sun in 5th and Gajakesari boost it up further.
  2. Nodes in 7th and nica benefic in 4th bring however danger of extramaritial affairs, from the 7th lord Jupiter to Venus we have ten houses which show this can affect highly her reputation, especially when Rahu – the master of scandal – is joining the Yoga.

The order of charts: Rashi, Navamsa, Dashamsa

  1. Arudha pada is with Sun which shows government sector, whilst Mars joining shows army, Paula Broadwell is American writer, academic and former military officer, she served US Army for more than 20 years. 2nd from Upapada is influenced by the debilitated Venus showing risk of affairs, the same is confirmed in the Navamsha, 
  2. Dashamsa will show what she is doing within the army sector. Jupiter and Mercury in 2nd and 10th show highly intelligent job, whilst Rahu shows working in secrecy, that being in Leo shows government related agency ie. CIA.
  3. Fifth house is the house of affairs too, especially when there is yoga of Venus+Mars, here Mars is in Libra sign. 
  4. This must be confirmed with Upapada and Navamsa ie. 2nd from Upapada lording sustenance of marriage has lord Sun joining that Mars, Sun is also debilitated showing person easily infatuated.
  5. In the Navamsha, the same Mars is Darakaraka and Vargottama as 6th lord in 5th confirming seperation due to extramaritial affair.
  6. Mercury shows doctor and sitting in 7th house shows that her spouse Scott Broadwell was interventional radiologist and graduated from George Washington University School of Medicine.
  7. Because that affair was with the former-CIA agent it affected her reputation in work and caused her resignation or demoting back to major and was classified as ineligible for further promotions. The same Mars is in Libra in 8th in D-10 chart which shows that the same affair is interupting her job.
  8. Now if this is all true and complete then the Dasha should support the analysis. The affair happened in Vimshottari Dasha of Mars-Mars. As it is malefic on the Arudha it affected her reputation, it is 6th lord in Navamsha caused the seperation and 8th in Dashamsa – finished her job. 

Node = Rahu and Ketu, norther and southern node.

Lagna = ascendant

Dhimanth yoga = combination giving intelligence ie. ascendant lord in 3rd, 5th or 6th

Nica = debilitated

Gajakesari = Moon and Jupiter in kendra to each other

Kendra = 1st, 4th, 7th, 10th houses

Arudhapada = point in the chart showing social standing

Dashamsa = independent chart showing career affairs

Navamsha = chart showing fortune, marriage, inner life, soul, mind

Dasha = timing system based on the order of planets/signs