Sibling fortune in Astrology

Siblings are shown by the 3rd house (younger), Mars and Drekkana chart (D-3).
Additionally we analyse the Parashara drekkana, 3rd lord dispositor will control health and from Arudha we investigate 3rd house.
The position of lagnesha can show the person suffering in our life.

Third house may show younger sibling, this is also very good yoga for intelligence and writing.
The jupiter-rahu yoga in kendra-navamsha may show murderer.
We read on wiki: He studied in Milan, and while studying at the Politecnico di Milano (a university specialized in engineering and architecture), he volunteered for World War I. During the war he was a lieutenant of the Alpini corps, and led a machine-gun team. He was taken prisoner with his squad during the battle of Caporetto in October 1917; his brother was killed in a plane—and this death features prominently in La cognizione del dolore. Gadda, who was a fervent nationalist at the time, was deeply humiliated by the months he had to spend in a German POW camp.
The 3rd lord is Jupiter in the 8th house (duh-sthana, bad house). This unfortunate event happened in Aquarius dasha where Rahu-Jupiter is placed in the Navamsha. The Vimshottari dasha was Rahu-Jupiter!
3rd lord shows younger sibling and his health will be shown by the dispositor but there is the parivartana so the planet and dasha itself is dangerous.
In the Drekkana Parashara which shows younger sibling 3L jupiter is in 8H with Saturn and Ketu confirming the unfortunate event of death of younger brother.
This also happened in Taurus and Libra dasha, Taurus is 12th from atmakaraka Sun and Libra is 12th from Lagna in Navamsha – this shows being incarcerated in the POW camp during war.
Carlo Emilio Gadda is well-know for the poetry and mastery of language but was also the engineer. Mars showing engineering is in 10th from Moon and is in Navamsa Lagna and Dashamsa lagna.
The other lord of 10th from Moon is Venus (poetry) in 3rd of writing between Moon and Mercury – publishing yoga.
Moon and Mercury shows publishing and is in 3rd in Navamsha and Venus – the planet of poetry is in the house of career – 10th house.