Rāśi Lordship in Varga

Rāśi lordship in Varga (RLIV) relates to principle where

the particular lord of house(s) is seen in the divisional charts called Vargas.

Chandra Kāla Nādi states :

      • If Rāśi-4th lord is in 9th in Navāṁśa one is skillful in law and philosophy (2/2725)
      • If Rāśi-7th lord is in 8th in Navāṁśa one will be sinful by joining other wives. 2/2741

12 Bhavas represents various spheres of our life. Lord (called Bhāva-Iśa or Bhavadhipati) of the house in Rāśi chart (D1) is directly responsible for the benefit, resources and protection of the house. The planetary influence on the house can be through aspect, conjunction, dispositor of the house or its lord. The influence on the mental level can be seen through 27 nakśatra (fixed star). The graha seen in Vargas includes the calculation of its strength through Vimsopaka using various schemes of 6,7,10,16 Vargas.  We cant forget that the Vargas come out from rāśi chart and its calculation is based on the rāśi and degree of the graha, like the Navāṁśa is based on the tattva of the rāśi and division of the sign/house of 9th parts. For example planet in first 9th division of the rāśi (0 to 3’20) of fiery sign will go to Meśa (Aries) Rāśi in Navāṁśa, the 2nd 9th part (3’20 to 6’40) will go to next sign – Vṛṣa (Taurus). We start from Meśa, Karka, Tūḻa, Nakra (Capricorn) for fiery, watery, airy and earthy signs respectively. This is only for the Navāṁśa chart, for the other divisional charts (vargas)  there will be other system for placing the planets.


      • Rāśi 6
      • Horā 2
      • Drekkana 4
      • Navāṁśa 5
      • Dvādasāṁśa 2
      • Triṁśāṁśa 1


Each of the varga is seen for particular sphere of life in the zoom. Just like 4th in rāśi chart shows occurences and status of house/lands/apartment elements the Chaturamsa (D4) will show the same in detail, which is useful for both static (availability/occurence/level/intensity/relations) and dynamic (daśā – elements changing  and (dis)appearing in time) observations. Among the Vargas Rāśi, Navāṁśa and Shastyamsa are crucial, some include version of Drekkana called Jagannātha. As the Shastyamsa is very sensitive to time we use mainly Navāṁśa for the lordship however there is no restriction for other vargas like we can observe the avasthā and position of Rāśi-karmeśa (tenth lord) in Daśāṁśa division showing mahatphalam (big fruits). All this principles connecting Rāśi and particular Varga especially Navāṁśa fall under Tulya principle like Naidhana-amsa given in the Nadis showing root person/situation responsible for particular  manifestation in life.  This system is also used for transit (gocara) following Nādi: ‘see in which Navāṁśa rāśi-4th lord is placed, when Guru comes to trines to that sign marriage can be expected’ – 2744/2.

Therefore the Vargas are very important.

Sanjay Rath: ..this is what Kalyanaverma of Saravali said “We cannot take even one step into this subject without the Vargas (D-Charts)”. People who are predicting without using D-Charts get lucky at times and then they swell only to fall. One who works harder and studies the Divisions well and tries to uderstand how they impact us is likely to develop better predictive skills over time.”

Person involved in cooking and printing in foreign countries. 10th lord from Rāśi is 12th lord in Daśāṁśa and with Mars. Budha+Ma shows printing and Mars shows cooking especially with support of Moon as 10th lord in lagna. Lordship of 12th shows foreign countries. So we will study 10th lord from Rasi chart in the divisional related to career/vocation which is Dasamsa (D10).

In this chart Rasi-10th lord is Mangal and is in 5th in Daśāṁśa aspected by Surya, Budha and Śani. Among the planets aspecting Maṅgala, Surya is also dispositor and is in badhakasthana (11th for movable signs, 9th for fixed, 7th for dual) showing foreign countries so person also works abroad.

In this chart Rasi-10th lord is also Maṅgala and is with Shukra in karma nakśatra (10th naksatra) showing art. Related work (design). Maṅgala is with Surya in D10 showing goverment corporation and in 2nd house showing working in team/group as important factor of his work. Mars being 12th lord may also show working abroad in some point of time.


This is chart of girl who is saxophonist and singer in reggae band. Music is indicated by Surya and Chandra, of which Surya shows beat and Chandra melody and singing. 10th lord from Rāśi chart is Moon and in Dasamsa aspected by Surya in Kanyā (rāśi of actors/stage).

In this chart Rasi-10th lord is Moon and is placed in Dasamsa in Venusian sign aspected by Venus in 4th house. Person was working in mother company and then with PR. Mother company is seen by 4th house (mother) and Venus aspecting and dispositor shows PR related companies.

In this chart 10th lord from Lagna is Surya and is in D10 is in  maraṇa kāraka sthan in grahana yoga or patanjali yoga (spirituality) in Budha sign. Person works with husband (dispositor in 7th house) who is yoga teacher (budha sign – bhadra mahapurusa gives Yoga).

Here the Rasi-7th lord Guru is with Budha in Navamsa (division related to marriage) exalted aspected by Shukra exalted and Moon from Mithuna. Moon shows Kṛṣṇā, Venus and Budha shows Radha-kṛṣṇā, Budha is 12th lord and 3rd house shows Guru upadesa – with the conjunction and aspect of exalted grahas especially of the Gurus the husband of the lady is very cultured, knowledgable and very spiritual, person treats the husband as spiritual teacher which is natural for both of them.

Rāśi 7th lord is with Ketū in Navāṁśa showing spiritual relationships which is true. 10th lord in Rāśi is Surya which is in Vrscika Lagna as 10th lord in Daśāṁśa. Mars being dispositor shows engineering and Venus being in Martial sign shows engineering design. Rāśi 10th lord Surya being 10th lord in Dasamsa shows person who is very competent and skilled and in Lagna shows also recognition, Ketū the dispositor is with 12th lord which shows competence achieved in foreign countries which is true.

Chart of person who is importing the cars from foreign countries and sells them in family buisness (especially brother). We see Venus (significators of cars/vahana kāraka) is in 7th house of business and also as badhakasthana showing foreign element in Rāśi chart. Rasi-10th lord is Jupiter which is in 2nd house in Daśāṁśa (family) with 7th lord (business) and with Ma/3rd lord – brother. Lagneśa is with venus (cars) in 4th (cars) aspecting 10th – career. 11th from Arudhalagna and 10th from Candra (Moon) in Rāśi is also dominated by Śani, Mars showing brothers. Hamsa mahapurusa yoga with rajasic graha shows person is very good at sales and managment.  The same planets aspects Arudhapada giving him the same image and line of profession.