Stock Trading Business – Rise and Fall

Mr. Frankel was convicted of looting insurance companies that he took over in Arkansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Missouri and Tennessee.

    He bought the insurance companies through a trust set up to hide his involvement, since he had been barred from securities trading because of a similar scheme he carried out years earlier in Ohio.
    He claimed that he was investing the companies’ assets, but instead stole the $200 million to pay for a two-house compound in Greenwich, Conn., and luxury cars, and to lure women, some of whom he met through ads for sex.

Astrological note

Date:          November 21, 1954
Time:          20:46:00
Time Zone:     5:00:00 (West of GMT)
Place:         83 W 33′ 19″, 41 N 39′ 50″
Tithi:         Krishna Dwadasi (Bu) (11.42% left)
Vedic Weekday: Sunday (Sy)
Nakshatra:     Chitra (Ma) (60.30% left)
Yoga:          Ayushman (Ke) (40.33% left)
Karana:        Taitula (Bu) (22.84% left)
     For those who are familiar with Vedic Astrology it becomes very clear that this is a chart of stock market bussinesman (stock trader). The most important yogas are Srimanth yoga in 9th house (which supports bussiness) and connection between 7th and 2nd houses. Reader may note that 11th from Arudhapada which is the source of income is the 7th house from Lagna which shows bussiness or any independent line. Malefics influencing this house shows ‘black’ income and here it was connection to stock market manipulation and other transactions related to various institutions.
     In Vedic Astrology kāraka (significator) for stock market is Budha whose Direction Devata – Kubera has the Vahana (vehicle) of human. Wealth comes from malefics being debilitated in kendra and strong 5th house (quite similar yoga to Bill Gates). Here Horā Lagna is in 7th house (bussiness) and Śukra is placed in Lakśmi and Mridanga yoga (refer to miscelannous yogas in Brhat Parāśara Horā Śastra).
     In 9th from Ārūḍha all planets dwell well so even the nica Lagnesh is seen as favourable. Moon is in Kanyā-amsa and varga-uttama (same Rāśi in Rāśi, Drekkana and Navāṁśa). 3rd house in Jagannath Drekkana (showing the fruits of karma) has Rāhū (cheating) and lord is Surya with 7th lord in 2nd house which form dhana yoga. There is more like Surya aspecting amatyakaraka by Rāśi dṛṣṭi (bussinesman), 11th lord from Varṇadā lagna being in 5th house (stock market) with Budha (stock market).
Anything to fear?
    Grahamalika yoga is starting with 2nd lord Vargottama and is ending in 12th from Arudhapada (losses) with exalted malefic in 8th house (problems with finances) aspected by Surya (caugth by ‘goverment’). This should ring a bell and Daśā Rāśi or Daśā Graha of this planet can be fatal for the bussiness and general prosperity.
     Analysing further we see that Surya and Mangal form bandhana yoga (equal number of planets in 6th and 8th) and this is well-known yoga for being arrested and sentenced to prison.


      The ‘bussiness’ starts flourishing in 1991 with the blessings of Śukra with exalted Śani which is the lord of Vṛṣabha controlling this period of life in Naisargika Bhāva daśā (yes Śani is nica in Navamsa but its not bad for the placement in 9th from Arudhapada, in other houses it could be disaster). The next one when native is arrested is of Vrscika – Scorpio Rasi (being involved in Bandhana yoga and lord is ending grahamalika yoga in 8th which is kind of Daridra Grahamalika yoga).
    Venus is also the planet lording Naisargika Daśā (in Jupiter Mahadasa) and being involved in dhanayoga in 5th shows great finances, whilst the period of fall and prison-sentence was again Mangal Antardaśā (in Guru mahadasa). So from these two dasas (Naisargika Dasa & Naisargika Bhava dasa) alone we see that Śukra being wellplaced gives boundless finances whilst Mangal is finishing the bussiness (maraka to 7th) and cutting one’s freedom (bandhana).
     Nārāyaṇa daśā favours this initial prediction. Taurus Mahadasa brought the Rise and ennormous gains (due to lord being in dhanayoga) whilst Capricorn Mahadasa brought the catastrophe. Again Capricorn is the Rāśi which has Mangal (12th lord from Arudha Lagna – losses) aspected by Surya (caugth by goverment) and is ending grahamalika yoga (ending results of action). We can add that Mangal is the lord of A8. The anubhava (results of daśā) is in Vrscika which has the 12th lord from Ātmakāraka showing sentence to prison (if the rest of chart supports).
     Trikoṇa daśā supports the same – Pisces Mahadasa (ennormous financial success) following Meśa Mahadasa (lord Mangal – Mars in 8th house). [I wasnt taugth anything specific about ths Dasa, just giving the period].
      Sudasa (blessings of Śri) shows Cancer Mahadasa as giver of moneyas Moon is well placed and strong being vargottama and 2nd lord. Cancer has 7th lord Guru. Mithuna daśā brought disaster – maraka to 7th house (bussiness colapse) with 6th lord Ketū being dispositor of Surya – 12th lord from Ātmakāraka involved in bandhana yoga and papakartari on 7th house with the Ārūḍha and Darapada lord. Similarly disposed is Moon-Vimshottari Śani-Ketū -Śani. Śani is 8th lord – bussiness disaster and Ketū role was explained earlier. However Śani is strong in 9th from Arudhapada so this is not enough clear for me. Surely its nica placement in Navāṁśa being 12th lord from Arudha Lagna and 8th lord from Lagna is strong point for the fall but its not so easy to trace like with other Dasas. Altough Moon-Vimshottari will show very accurately events in life on other level and platform.
      Tara daśā is quite clear. Śani-Mercury is the time for business. Budha is Lagnesh and nicamsa in 9th from Arudha Lagna. Whilst the fall is in Śani-Rāhū. Again the doubt is for the Rāhū being in 11th from Arudha Lagna but still being lord of Srimanth yoga is nica in badhak (one is attracting problem). The most clear is Naisargika Daśā and Nārāyaṇa daśā for this particular history of bussinessman.